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KONTRASTO takes its name from the Esperanto word for ‘contrast’, and signifies unity and diversity. A culmination of versatility and finesse in Italian cooking, KONTRASTO presents gourmands with ingredients from all over the world articulated with modern culinary techniques to create dishes that are imbued with distinct textures, flavours, and precision.

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With a successful career spanning over 35 years at acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe, North America, and Asia, Chef Fabiano Palombini has launched his first venture, KONTRASTO, on Hollywood Road, Central. The restaurant is a culmination of his incredible breadth of experience where he will showcase his technical precision and creative interpretation of Italian cuisine to international gastronomes.


Born and raised in Teramo, Abruzzo, Palombini honed his skills at Michelin-starred restaurants including three-starred La Pergola in Rome, three-starred Hof Van Cleve in Belgium, two-starred Maemo in Oslo, Norway, and three-starred Eleven Madison Park in New York City, before taking his culinary talent to Hong Kong and joining forces with chef Marco Sacco to lead CASTELLANA.


“Inspired by the past, innovation in the present, and sustainable growth for the future”

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